GUIDE-TIPS-CHECKLIST for Real Estate Housing Buyer's in Dhaka,Bangladesh:

(initiative for awareness on purchase for flat or apartment in BD)
Are you planning to buy a flat in Dhaka, BD? Purchasing an apartment here in Bangladesh is not an easy task. One wrong step can drag you to lifelong pain. Visit for guide, help, tips on right & legal agreement(Terms & Conditions).
The first home buyer's checklist. Things You Should Know Before Buying an Apartment.

Checklist before you select:

More to come: To learn more about the business sector. If you cannot have place to stay in exchange of 20 years (or all) of earning, where the money goes?
By the way, population is a great great problem in Bangladesh which makes everything very difficult for us. Like every business sector in BD, Real Estate and Housing Developers are on top over the buyers because of demand and supply. And demand is endless because of population. We have the right of better living but we've responsibility too. We should stop fooling ourselves.
Last Updated: January 12, 2010
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