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I got reference of this site from another person. I will spend little more time on it to get the total picture of the site.

If the purpose of this site is to provide information and to grow the awareness of human rights in Bangladesh or even only among the Hindus in BD, it's okay. Everyone may appreciate it. Though "Might is Right" (Ref: US attack in Iraq), is the law of nature. So, few may not really appreciate.

But after primary observation, that's not the fact. Seems it has targeted a nation intended to damage the image of it.

Anyway, I will comeback here after visiting and seeing the accuracy of the information provided, though it is already understandable that the presentation was made intentionally to display and humiliate Bangladesh and it's people. Most probably from few individual Indian guys/girls (Alarming if sponsored by Indian government agencies), But why, that is not yet clear. Trade/Commerce? Politics? or because of BD not yet allowed gas export in India? or India's river diversion plan: Its impact on Bangladesh or just because of natural law "Might is Right".

Human species fought against that natural law for a long time to be civilized.

We are lucky, we have Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq in-front of us to learn.

I don't think that the politicians of this continent have the luxury to leave peace for keeping themselves and nation busy with extra curriculum. Hope for the peace.

Citizen from,

Dhaka, Bangladesh